"The Lord sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor
and to proclaim liberty to captives." -Lk. 4:18 

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Our faith community and I, Fr. Francis are delighted that you and your family have chosen Saint Francis Xavier Parish as your place for worship. Saint Francis Xavier, S.J. (Society of Jesus) showed a great zeal for missionary work, and just as him we strive to follow on the footsteps of such a great preacher and evangelizer for the Malaysians.

We welcome you as Christ! Whether you are a member or a visitor, we pray that you find Christ among our brothers and sisters in the faith and trust that the word of God would stir your heart to actively listen and be prompted to action for the greater glory of God.  


As members of St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, we are a multicultural community guided by the Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church. Our family of faith leads a Christ-centered life to enrich our world through sacrament, worship, service, and hospitality.

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 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The liturgy of the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time invites us to discover a God whose ways and whose thoughts are above the ways and thoughts of men, as heaven is above the earth. It suggests, therefore, the renunciation of the schemes of the world and the conversion to the schemes of God.

The first reading asks believers to turn to God. “Back to God” is a movement that demands a radical transformation of man, so that his thoughts and actions reflect the logic, perspectives and values ​​of God.

The second reading presents us with the example of a Christian (Paul) who embraced, in an exemplary way, the logic of God. He renounced personal interests and schemes of selfishness and self-complacency, and put Christ, his values, his project at the center of his existence.

The Gospel tells us that God calls all men to salvation, regardless of seniority in faith, credits, qualities or previously assumed behavior. God is only interested in how His invitation is accepted. It asks us for a transformation of our mentality, so that our relationship with God is not marked by interest, but by love and gratuitousness.

Join us in this year Community Festival 2023

Join us on Saturday 23 (12pm-8pm) and Sunday 24 (12pm-6pm) in our Annual Community Festival 2023 with live music and with food. Although it may be different from our traditional Parish Fiesta, our community is known for bringing our diverse community together and celebrating with great joy our faith.

It is thanks to each and everyone of our parishioners that our community continues to thrive!

For more information check our Facebook group or please call our office (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to noon) at (505) 243-5201.

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September 23, 2023 from 12pm to 8pm - Annual Community Festival.

September 24, 2023 from 12pm to 6pm - Annual Community Festival

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