About Our Parish

Humble Beginnings

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"Sacramental records from the Parish of St. Francis Xavier begin on September, 1928, and are signed by Rev. Gregory Goni, S.J., who served as first pastor. Originally, frame buildings of the old Santa Fe Hospital were used by the parish for its church, rectory and school. The parish continued to be administered by the Jesuit Fathers until 1960, when Rev. Monsignor Sipio Salas, a diocesean priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, was appointed as pastor. 

In April 1949 construction of a new church began. The church echoes the architectural style of the Southwest Indian missions. The new church was blessed in September 1949 during a visit to the Archdiocese and the parish of a holy relic of the patron saint, Saint Francis Xavier, S.J.

The parochial school was started by the Sisters of Charity in 1929; it closed in May 1983."

Growing Through Change


Looking to the Future



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