"The Lord sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor
and to proclaim liberty to captives." -Lk. 4:18 

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Our faith community and I, Fr. Francis are delighted that you and your family have chosen Saint Francis Xavier Parish as your place for worship. Saint Francis Xavier, S.J. (Society of Jesus) showed a great zeal for missionary work, and just as him we strive to follow on the footsteps of such a great preacher and evangelizer for the Malaysians.

We welcome you as Christ! Whether you are a member or a visitor, we pray that you find Christ among our brothers and sisters in the faith and trust that the word of God would stir your heart to actively listen and be prompted to action for the greater glory of God.  


As members of St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, we are a multicultural community guided by the Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church. Our family of faith leads a Christ-centered life to enrich our world through sacrament, worship, service, and hospitality.

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   Ordinary Time - Walking withChrist

Ordinary time began Monday, May 24, 2021 when we celebrated the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church and concludes on the Saturday before Advent on November 27, 2021.

If you think of the liturgical calendar as the “circle of life,” the mystery of Christ unfolds. The significance and beauty of how Christ calls us to live our lives through him comes to light. We are now in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time. The emphasis in the Mass and the Church’s daily prayer is on Christ’s teaching and His life among his disciples. For Catholics, Ordinary Time is the part of the year in which Christ, the Lamb of God, walks among us and transforms our lives. There’s nothing “ordinary” about that!

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 Archdiocese of Santa Fe, N.M.


News Release - Effective 11/15/2020 - Fr. Bijoy is resuming in-person mass. There will be a 9:30 am English and 11:30 am Spanish mass with the following restrictions:  

  • Capacity of 33% will be allowed, which is no more than 100 people 
  • A mask must be worn at all times during the mass
  •  A safe distance of 6 feet must be maintained

The Archbishop is recommending the elderly and people with underlying conditions to stay home.  The dispensation from weekly Mass remains.

Please pray daily, prayer card written by Archbishop Jose Gomez. English | Spanish 

Daily mass offered on your EWTN television station.

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 MASS INTENTIONS – INTENCIONES DE MISA As we remain in spiritual communion, Father Bijoy will be saying the scheduled Mass intentions during his private Mass. Mientras permanecemos en comunión espiritual, el Padre Bijoy estará diciendo las intenciones programadas durante su Misa privada.